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Bailey Knight may only be 25 years old, but he has already achieved a level of success that few of his peers will ever reach. He has generated seven figures in revenue ever since lockdown began in the UK. He did so by running his own Shopify dropshipping business.

Even when he encountered obstacles along the way, he didn’t give up. He already knew that there would undoubtedly be challenges when starting your own business. However, he was wholly dedicated towards achieving the sort of financial freedom he knew was possible.

Starting out on this path was helped out by seeing Jay, a mentor and future business partner, being successful in the world of ecommerce. This inspired him and showed him what he wanted to do with his life. After becoming good friends with Jay, he was pushed to leave his day job and pursue his dreams of running a successful online business.

He knew it was risky to do this. After all, many businesses fail within their first year. However, he lowered his risk by getting involved in dropshipping. This was something that didn’t require him to invest a great deal of money in to get off the ground. That’s because you don’t need to hold any physical inventory yourself. When a customer makes a purchase in your online shop, you fulfill the order by ordering the product from the manufacturer, who then ships it out to your customer.

This was a level of risk Bailey had been willing to take. Today, he dropships all over the world using Shopify. He has unlocked the dream of working for himself and being the master of his own success. However, it wasn’t a walk in the park.

Some of the biggest challenges and obstacles had to be worked through with a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. Thankfully, Bailey was able to push through the challenges.

His first challenge was finding the time to work on his business in the first place. He was still working a day job at Integral UK. This meant he needed to dedicate his lunch breaks, mornings, nights, and weekends to set up the business.

Once he accomplished this, he then ran into another challenge. Bailey needed to find products that would sell. Again, he put in the time to research what products were major sellers. He was able to do this and have highly-profitable and popular products for his customers.

One more obstacle was figuring out how to market the products to his target audience. This proved to be tricky given the increasingly-saturated dropshipping market. However, this was also something he figured out how to do. Today, he is an expert in branding and digital marketing, which has been incredibly helpful in reaching the £1M+ revenue he now has.

If you want to become inspired by this successful entrepreneur, then you can follow Bailey on his Instagram page and keep up with the latest from him.

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