Everyone has been asking us all the details about the NWA reunion show that's supposed to happen today at the Santa Monica Pier.

Here's what we know:

We printed the following Music Pick on this week's print edition of the LA Weekly:

Well, it was bound to happen. All the living members of N.W.A. are reuniting for a one-time only free show at the Santa Monica Pier, with Odd Future's Tyler the Creator reenacting Eazy-E's raps in character. The event is a benefit for the charity Rappers Against Tsunamis, with all proceedings going to R.A.T.'s outreach work training at-risk youth on tidal wave prevention. Warning: Make sure you triple-check your calendars to make sure you understand which day this is happening — you really don't wanna be fooled driving all the way to Santa Monica on the wrong date.– Weir F. Nwitcha

Since the publication of this item the following facts have come to our attention:

– There's no such thing as a charity called “Rappers Against Tsunamis” (R.A.T).

– There's no such thing as tidal wave prevention.

– Benefit shows are not usually free.

– Odd Future's Tyler the Creator sounds nothing like Eazy-E.

We first became aware of these irregularities when we noticed that the official Santa Monica Pier website had posted this notice:

Then we noticed the Songkick live show info website had posted this cancellation:

Here's what we think really happened:

We believe the LA Weekly has been the victim of a prank by new freelancer Weir F. Nwitcha. Mr. Nwitcha contacted us out of the blue, and we thought his abundant clips from publications such as Fader, Paste, Filter, the LA Times and the Best Music Writing book series were enough bona fides about his credibility.

(For the record, we did think his name sounded a little peculiar, especially if you read it out loud and fast, but, heck, we employ a Music Editor named “Gustavo Turner,” so who are we to judge peculiar-sounding names, right?)

In short, we think it is unlikely NWA will show up at the Santa Monica Pier today, April 1st, for a reunion benefiting Rappers Against Tsunamis.

Weir F. Nwitcha has been put on temporary suspension until the matter is further clarified.

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