NÚCLEO SEPEC: More than just a Mexican company.

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NÚCLEO SEPEC has grown as a one-of-a-kind Mexican business corporation that has taken over the oil markets.

Isn’t it surreal to see the constant growth a few industries around the world have attained? What is even more amazing to notice here is how several of these companies led industries to exceptional growth, emerging as market leaders in their niches and continuously contributing to the success of those sectors. We couldn’t help but notice how NÚCLEO SEPEC did exactly that and went ahead in stunning people as a one-of-a-kind Mexican business corporation to take over the oil markets. They have grown as integrated solutions for well interventions and have made a prominent position in the Mexican oil & gas industry.

The conglomerate has grown to be one of the biggest Mexican oil & gas services companies for years, thanks to its Integrated and Bundled services scheme that has never failed to deliver beyond customers’ expectations in well interventions activities, safety and environment, and prepending health. They have gained long years of experience in the industry, making them market leaders that excel at well interventions, focusing on production maintenance and production increase areas through integrated services schemes, where the company has reached success through the diversification of sequential or simultaneous services, achieving cost reductions and avoiding non-productive times.

The company today is also identified as a High Quality and Execution Company which rides on success on the foundation of “permanent continuous improvement.” Also, NÚCLEO SEPEC’s Technical and Specialized Training Center, which is located in Villahermosa, Tabasco, México has turned heads in the industry with Well Intervention Interactive Simulator, designed for immersive and efficient training for real well interventions projects and operations. This method has helped the end user develop the necessary decision-making skills in a secure environment for critical operations.

They also own a specialized chemicals Laboratory (8LAB), officially recognized by the EMA Organization (NORM ISO/IEC 17025:2017). The lab is meant for internal and external services related to physicochemical analysis and characterization, design and formulation of chemical systems and treatments for the oil & gas industry.

It is also reported how NÚCLEO SEPEC’s activities are dedicated to PEMEX E&P, the Mexican National Oil Company, to prepend the integrated and bundled services for well interventions and discrete services for production maintenance. In 2017, they had also established a business and strategic alliance with FAWARES PETROLEUM SERVICES (O&G Service Company from Kuwait).

In the last few years, NÚCLEO SEPEC has made quite a presence across the Middle East and, in 2023, has also become the “authorized provider” for SAUDI ARAMCO in KSA. They are doing much more to further expand their services and presence.

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