Novel Interactive Tech Company, Storycards, is Paving a Bright Future for No-Code Software

Since 2005, Gil Rabbi’s tech company, Rabbi Interactive, has created software with one goal in mind—increasing user engagement. His software entices users to stay longer on sites and apps and interact with content through polls, games, or quizzes. Rabbi’s groundbreaking products designed for Eurovision and the Rising Star TV show enabled millions of viewers to play or vote in real-time from their homes. Lately, though, his company has taken on a new mission. Through Storycards, Rabbi empowers regular people to develop these engagement tools on their own.

The story behind Storycards

In 2018, Rabbi took a hard look at the resources and money going into each new product his software company developed. “For many years, I had been too busy to question the process,” he explains. “But I realized I couldn’t keep working the same hours. I needed balance in my work and home life.”

Rabbi’s entire team came to the same conclusion. They were repeating the same work but with a different user experience and design for each client. Their solution was to create an internal product that would help them develop clients’ products more efficiently.

Rabbi and his team began using a beta version of Storycards to design the same professional-grade software products they had always developed for their customers. The main difference was that the team could create the software without entering code and deliver the same premium products in record time.

“I was just looking for a solution for my technology agency,” remarks Rabbi. “When we started using the product, however, we soon realized we had something that could help digital offices worldwide. It would have been a pity to keep such a discovery to ourselves.”

Storycards allows users to create engagement tools without coding

Rabbi and his team designed a platform allowing any user—even those without coding experience—to produce first-rate digital engagement products. In fact, Storycards is the world’s first editor enabling users to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no code. “You don’t need any coding skills,” says Rabbi. “You can enter our editor and start creating your product with drag and drop.”

At its core, Storycards is a user-friendly content editor selecting different cards for each user based on their choices and engagement with the product. Each card offers users intuitive and simple options designed to build unique experiences as they enter their content. For the users who don’t want to start from scratch, Storycards provides cards preloaded with content that has already been proven to create high engagement online.

After working through the cards to complete an online engagement tool, users make it live with one click. Storycards’ hosting network scales the product according to the number of visitors interacting with the site.

Even though Storycards requires only the most basic tech skills, it’s being used by pro software developers, too. “We actually have two types of users,” says Rabbi. “There are the users who come to us with no knowledge at all. Most of these customers want to create products quickly from a preexisting structure. Then we have the professional designers who work in digital companies like we do. By using Storycards, they save time and money every month.”

Storycards provides professional-level creativity

In designing a platform to deliver engagement products without coding, Rabbi was never willing to sacrifice quality. Even though users don’t enter their own code, Storycards allows a great deal of creative freedom.

“One reason I didn’t design a platform like this earlier was that I had been afraid the products would come out looking generic,” he comments. “We are known for developing premium products. I didn’t want our customers to be stuck using fixed templates. I wanted them to be able to create the same quality products we design.”

With Storycards, users create virtually any online engagement tool they need. They can mix and match quizzes, polls, lead forms, and other interactive experiences to design unique engagement products. Companies use the software to embed the unique activities directly into their websites or mobile apps. Storycards enables developers to use their brands’ fonts, colors, and styles in each design.

“I am surprised again and again when I see what our users are creating with the help of the platform,” Rabbi says. “We’re only the tool. Storycards enables you to create any concept you choose and gives you the freedom to design it without limitations.”

Storycards enables users to analyze and increase user engagement

The power of this innovative software design platform is twofold. First, Storycards empowers the creation of professional engagement tools. Second, it offers sophisticated analytics to track and improve each of these tools.

While platforms such as Wix, Webflow, or Elementor enable people to create websites without code, these platforms do not focus on engagement. Artificial intelligence sets Storycards apart from the rest.

Once a tool is live, Storycards tracks user engagement and delivers the information clients need to understand their audiences on a single-view dashboard. The platform analyzes this data and generates recommendations to improve each tool.

The analytics dashboard built into Storycards enables clients to learn quite a bit about their audience. This knowledge vastly improves a brand’s ability to communicate. Content publishers can organize their followers into segments or groups based on their responses to each quiz, poll, or game. Grouping clients based on individual preferences allows companies to deliver personalized service and messages.

The data that companies gain through these tools help them to increase reach, build brand loyalty, and better communicate with customers. Storycards is the first and only software design platform putting all that power in the hands of business owners while still delivering complete creative freedom.

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