NotFurr, A Crypto Influencer, Shares His Top Investment Advice

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There are many crypto and NFT projects out there that have the potential to be profitable. However, investing in the crypto and NFT space can daunt those new to it. With so many projects debuting daily, how do you know which one will be a success? The truth is that nobody knows for sure, but we can make educated guesses based on current trends. Cryptocurrency and NFT influencer NotFurr is one person making investing easier for his followers by sharing his insights on what is happening in the space daily on Twitter. A veteran with an active following of over 332,000 followers on Twitter alone, NotFurr has helped countless followers to make wise investments in this market. Here are his top tips for succeeding in the crypto-verse.

For starters, NotFurr recommends that people do their research before investing any money in a project. “Do your own research,” NotFurr says. “Don’t just listen to me or other influencers.” There are plenty of ways to find information about different projects that are either upcoming or already out there. For instance, you can look at the project’s whitepaper and website to get a feel for what they’re about. NotFurr suggests looking at the project’s white paper to see if it is viable and consulting experts where you don’t understand. The point is that before you decide on a project, you should fully know what it is about, how it works, and what the end goal is. A good rule of thumb is to focus on projects with a real use case and not just focus on making money from speculating.

The second thing NotFurr recommends is looking into the team behind the project. How much experience do they have? What are their backgrounds? What are their goals for the project’s future success? Is there a clear roadmap with deliverables that have been completed or what their team has accomplished so far? NotFurr advises looking into a team’s past performance too before making an investment decision. Investigate it on LinkedIn or social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and see their credentials. Often, a project with experts on board will fare better than one where everyone is a rookie. NotFurr recommends sticking with reputable projects that have a solid community backing them up if you can.

Investing with only what you are willing to lose is the third thing NotFurr recommends. Despite the current hype in the industry today, nothing is guaranteed; not all projects are going to succeed. In an unregulated and volatile market, you must not put all your eggs into one basket. Even if you think you know what type of project is best for you, some things are beyond your control. Instead, NotFurr suggests diversifying investments by spreading them out across multiple projects with different underlying principles and values rather than betting on one cryptocurrency or NFT asset class.

With that said, NotFurr believes a little wisdom can go a long way in ensuring you make lots of profits easily. His mission is to help more crypto investors succeed in this market by curating the best projects for them and giving back to society through giveaways.

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