NJ Diet Review: Is a DNA Based Diet for You?

DNA Based Diet

Anyone trying to lose weight is probably familiar with the expansive options currently available on the market. It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a new program, cleanse, detox, or fad, promising to lose weight effortlessly. Despite the hundreds of different options, the stubborn pounds seem to be stuck where they are, regardless of how much you try to get rid of them. Unfortunately, most dieting plans believe that everyone can follow the same program, achieve the same results, and lose weight the same way. The reality is that’s not the case. A generic plan simply can’t account for every component of a person’s life.

Enter a New Method of Losing Weight

Nutrigenomics is a relatively new scientific approach to weight loss. It works by connecting nutrition, health, and genetic components to weight loss—understanding how the body works on a biological level and the influence genes hold on weight loss attempts. It brings genetic testing into overall health and nutrition, pinpointing how nutrients and minerals influence your body. This process involves the study of individual DNA mapping in respect to intolerances, predisposition to health conditions, or gene variants that would influence weight loss.

How DNA-based Diets Work

Unlike generic diet plans that offer one plan for everyone, DNA-based diets optimize your diet by evaluating your genetic structure. These diets start with a comprehensive scan of the body to get a complete understanding of your body and how it interacts with diet, nutrients, micronutrients, minerals, and macronutrients. A medical professional will set a baseline for participants using blood, hair, saliva, and biological markers. This review will encompass both positive genes (the ones that help individuals lose weight) and negative genes (predisposing us to various medical conditions). Creating a complete picture of your body and how it works is the starting point to effective weight loss. After all, you can’t fly an airplane without knowing how each button controls it.

Focusing on Nutrigenomic Evaluation

When starting a nutrigenomic evaluation, doctors evaluate nearly 2000 biomarkers. They’ll also review 150 genes within the individual’s body. From there, they’ll develop a customized diet plan to match these markers. As there is a strong focus on optimal health, medical professionals will incorporate dietary supplements to maximize the body’s performance.

The Purpose of Supplements on a Nutrigenomic Diet

As the nutrigenomic diet focuses on optimal health, many programs believe the first step to weight loss is healing the body from the inside out. The supplements prescribed on these programs are high-quality products designed to optimize your health and nutrition. Every individual receives a personalized formulation geared to their current health profile. Individuals with Iron deficiencies will receive supplements with Iron, for example.

An Overall Review of DNA-Based Diets

When it comes to nutrigenomic diet plans, it’s always wise to use a medical professional when starting the plan. Participants should always choose a plan that offers medical evaluation and review while following the program to observe proper health and safety. For example, an NJ Diet review indicates that all participants will have close contact with their doctor throughout the program. Individuals receive the contact information of their medical professional for communication throughout the program (in-between visits) through phone and email. By having immediate contact during the program, participants are never left struggling. They can reach out to their doctor with any questions, comments, or concerns at any time.

NJ Diet 2021

How Does the NJ Diet Work?

The NJ Diet offers participants scientific weight loss methodology with a personalized program. It is a DNA-based diet backed by nutrigenomic research. This plan is a customized option for significant weight loss by catering each plan to individual biomarkers. Participants undergo four steps throughout the program, starting with the consultation.

The Consultation

The consultation usually is $99, although it is often discounted online for $27. This step starts the program for most individuals, completing the medical evaluation on-site with the doctor. Participants provide blood, saliva, hair samples for assessment, along with the company’s proprietary bio-energetic balancing scan. The scan evaluates various foods your body digests quickly, as well as any foods your body struggles to utilize. When the scan is complete, individuals receive a comprehensive portfolio of their overall health.

The Introduction of the NJ Diet

Once your evaluation is complete, participants will receive a strict dietary plan, supplement list, and exercise routine. This plan is 40 days, geared to heal the gut, rid the body of toxins, and improve overall functioning. Your consultation will also include a muscle and bone mass scan, fat levels, metabolic age, and your total BMI.

Individuals need to purchase the supplements outlined in their plan at the time of starting the program. You’ll also follow the dietary meal plan for the entire 40 days. According to the program, participants should expect to purchase the food (at the local grocery store) and prepare the meals.

Although the NJ diet is considered a low-calorie plan, the supplements provided prevent participants from feeling hungry while on the program. These supplements also optimize the body and fix any hormonal imbalances. As such, the body continues healing while shedding excess weight.

Check-In with Medical Professionals

The third step of the program works simultaneously with the second step when individuals are following the program. Every ten to fifteen days, you’ll check in with your doctor for evaluation. These appointments are crucial for your success. They’ll track your progress, ensure your body is healing, and evaluate whether your body is burning fat (instead of water weight). The doctor may adjust or shift your diet during these appointments.

Maintaining Your Weight Loss

The final step in your weight loss journey is learning how to maintain weight loss. This appointment will help ensure you know how your body functions to keep the weight off permanently. Participants undergo further genetic testing and analysis at the time of discharge. Your doctors will offer guidance on foods to avoid, optimal choices for your health, and the best calorie goal for your specific body makeup.

Who is best suited for DNA-based Weight Loss Programs?

If you’ve tried to lose weight on other generic programs, have considerable weight to lose, or believe that your overall health is a critical component to weight loss, you may be an ideal candidate for the NJ diet. Users can lose between twenty to forty pounds while following the program, with countless positive testimonials to support these claims. Always talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss program. Some individuals with medical conditions may notice a change in the conditions as they lose weight. For example, someone with type II diabetes could need adjustments to their medications as they lose weight. Qualified candidates should always disclose medical conditions to their medical professionals before starting the NJ diet.

The personalized treatment brings a custom diet plan to anyone wanting to lose weight quickly. All genetic testing and biological markers are incorporated in the pricing, bringing you an optimized strategy that generic fads can’t reach.

While the program offers in-person visits throughout the plan, consultations and check-ins are provided online through virtual appointments. Users not within a geographical office can still complete the program without having to travel extensively to follow up.

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