Nina Takesh Designs: World Renowned Interior Design Company Reaches To All Corners Of The Globe

On a mission to leave a legacy that inspires the next generations through passion, dedication and one’s uniqueness, world renowned interior design artist Nina Takesh has not only pushed boundaries but has set new standards in the design and architecture industry, only continuing to gain traction to establish herself as one of the greatest home design artists of our era.

Born in Tehran to an artistic and aristocratic family, Nina Takesh’s early childhood experiences shaped her later creativity, cultural design fusions and her unique sense of a worldly melting pot perception. Her father, being a notable architect who constructed many homes and even Iran’s first and most well-known residential high rise, played a huge role in her younger introduction to ideas of creation and design. Moving to Beverly Hills at an early age of 6, Nina was enrolled in the prestigious Le Lycee Francais in the second grade where she continued her schooling in French until tenth grade, then went on to attend the academically acclaimed Westlake School for girls, now known as Harvard Westlake School. Spending her summers in South France and in Switzerland, her mind became infatuated with the many architectural differences of the world and the designs that surrounded her on her travels. Earning her BA in Sociology with a minor in French Literature at University of San Diego and as well her MBA at Pepperdine’s International Program in Paris; quadrilingual, Nina Takesh knew very well the hard work and tools she had acquired on her journey were further preparing her for her life’s work in which she would be providing the world with unique designs and creations that all derived from her experiences of traveling the world, absorbing cultural differences in their purest form.

Her travels not only assisted her in creating her company Nina Takesh Designs but it also introduced her to her first husband in Paris who was originally from Argentina. Later giving birth to her son Maximilliano in 2001, she found herself frustrated over being unable to find quality baby goods, further inspiring Nina to create a one-stop luxury baby boutique that later opened as Petit Tresor. Petit Tresor became one of the most prestigious baby boutiques and brands in the United States and abroad. Nina even went on to construct her own 6,000 square foot family home where she now resides with her husband Devin Mann, the founder of Iconic Talent Agency. Custom built from the ground up, the home is perched in the Beverly Hills area, right near where her journey brought her before. Nina Takesh Designs has created for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Marie Presley, Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum and even Gwen Stefani just to name a few. She has also had highly successful collaborations with brands such as Ruggable.

Nina’s unwavering passion for interior design and architecture has been intimately woven into the fabric of her life. Continuing to push boundaries, in 2020 Nina Takesh launched her Youtube channel “Red Elevator”, showcasing her love for design. Simply sharing her life’s passion with people all around the world brought a great deal of success, growing Nina’s social platforms to reach over 400,000 and counting. To receive more information on world renowned designer Nina Takesh, you can go to where you can find all of her newest collections and also have the ability to view her Red Elevator youtube channel. You can follow her on instagram @NinaTakesh as she continues to reinvent the interior design and architecture industry.

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