Nikaeen Orthodontics is Taking a Holistic, Airway and Face-Focused Approach to Orthodontics

Atoosa Nikaeen, DDS


Nikaeen Orthodontics, an orthodontic office based in West LA, is taking a holistic approach to the orthodontic practice. The office, known to help children and adults with orthodontic and pediatric needs for years, presents its approach as airway-based and face-focused.

“We look at patients’ entire body –  the function of muscles, posture, and overall health– before diagnosing them,” holds Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen, founder of the company. “My treatment philosophy focuses on airway, face, and integrative orthodontics, which is where we differ from many orthodontists. We try to stress early treatment and attack the cause of the problem, not only symptoms that will result in malocclusion and bad bites.”

Nikaeen Orthodontics often witnesses children diagnosed with sleep apnea due to underlying airway issues, like allergies or asthma. Likewise, the business also observes many false diagnoses of ADHD. They attribute this to patients who are not properly entering REM sleep because of a lack of oxygen to the brain, which causes tiredness and a lack of focus during the day.

“Many times, an airway check can save patients from these types of misdiagnoses,” Nikaeen maintains. “Our treatment plan is based on these diagnoses. It focuses on the function of the tongue, lips, and muscles around the neck and face since the tongue is the scaffold of the whole mouth. The whole bite collapses if the tongue is not functional due to being tongue-tied.”

The orthodontic office has historically treated patients of any age or problem and is committed to holistically approaching their issues and orthodontic needs. Realizing that many orthodontic problems are deeply-rooted, Nikaeen Orthodontics aims to target the root cause of symptoms instead of simply tending to surface conditions or symptoms themselves.

The business utilizes 3D imaging and CBCT scanning, which takes a 3D image of the skull and looks at the airway through the nose and throat. One of the few to provide TMJ treatments, Nikaeen Orthodontics recently obtained a new laser machine “so we can provide what is called photo volume modulation,” adds Nikaeen. “This would help reduce the inflammation of pain in jaw joints and surrounding muscles. Alongside this, we also offer frenuloplasty and gingivectomy.”

“At Nikaeen, we aim to use state-of-the-art orthodontic techniques,” says Nikaeen, “to serve the company’s mission of creating lasting, beautiful, and healthy smiles for patients of all ages.”

Atoosa Nikaeen is an orthodontist who specializes in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. She graduated from Columbia University in 1999 and has been in private practice for 23 years. Her new office is located in the west Los Angeles area. She is a former UCLA instructor who taught orthodontic residents for ten years. In her orthodontics practice, she is an airway and face-focused orthodontist that takes a holistic approach. Nikaeen Orthodontics treats both adults and children. The company recently announced the opening of its second office, a Pediatric and Orthodontic office in Woodland hills. To learn more, email Atoosa Nikaeen at and visit the company websites: and

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