Nicole Psomas: The plastic surgery recovery guru and a globally recognized celebrity physical therapist.

She focuses on maximizing post-surgery results by teaching the “Psomas Method” in her book “After the Cut: How to Prepare for and Recovery from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.”

Wondrous are all those success stories that are made not with the focus to only gain success, but with an emphasis on attaining excellence so as to spread the same among people to cater to their needs. Doing that in the medical world could get even more challenging, looking at the emergence of doctors and medical professionals, introducing too many new medical techniques, treatments, and methods in their respective niches. However, a certain celebrity physical therapist named Nicole Psomas, who we today also known as a plastic surgery recovery guru, has changed the game in the cosmetic plastic surgery niche and has enthralled all with her excellence in the field.

Too many rumours, misinformation, false insights, and news always keep surrounding the medical industry regarding different medical domains, which includes the plastic surgery niche. Unfortunately, not all have the right insights and knowledge about what that is exactly and how essential is the preparation and the recovery method for cosmetic plastic surgery. However, Nicole Psomas has risen as a beaming light in the industry, for she is today considered as the pioneer of plastic surgery recovery and essentially known as the plastic surgery recovery guru. Her 13 long years of experience in the industry, practicing her own method called the Psomas Method, she has made strides in the industry and made more people informed about the importance of plastic surgery recovery.

Her 2019-published book “After The Cut: How To Prepare For and Recover From Cosmetic Plastic Surgery” (@afterthecutbook) has emerged as a how-to guide teaching the Psomas Method. Her compassion and action-oriented approach has led her patients to maximize the post-surgery results and helped them minimize scar tissue, decrease swelling, reduce pain, increase range of motion and sensation, and prevent complications. The highly coveted internationally recognized celebrity physical therapist has given 15 years to New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center as a physical therapist, and now with her book has given patients more hope and positivity talking about faster recovery with proven methods.

The expert in surgeries like breast implants, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, facelifts, buttock implants, and many more have so far worked with several prominent personalities like actors, politicians, TV hosts, socialites, corporate CEOs, and global figures. Also, the author to educational children’s manuals, like “Home Exercise Program For Your Child After Heart Surgery” and “Welcome To The Burn Center,” Nicole Psomas mentions how she took nine years to write the book, but her commitment and resilience made it all worth it, which has helped people gain recovery from surgery, added on to their confidence and helped them feel the best.

Nicole Psomas is called the plastic surgery recovery guru for a reason and aims to continue innovating in the field in the coming years.

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