Nicholas B. Grossman Serving the Legal Needs in an Ever-changing World

The law practice is a key fulcrum that keeps the world rolling, and Nicholas B. Grossman is one of those practitioners making a difference. With over thirteen years as a legal practitioner, he has attained notable heights in the profession while helping clients through their legal needs and positively changing the face of the law profession in these changing times.

Nicholas B. Grossman is a founding partner and the head of the civil litigation department at Shafer Grossman & Rupp, APLC, a boutique law firm in Santa Ana, California. He’s an accomplished trial attorney with a successful record of appellate practice. He’s also a former law professor with experience serving as adjunct faculty at American Heritage University School of Law in San Bernardino, California. He also volunteers as a judge pro tem in the Superior Courts of Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

Over the last few years, Nicholas Grossman has seen how the legal profession has changed, especially with the pandemic and how things are adjusting post-pandemic. He and his firm have adapted to that world and remained committed to serving clients with their needs. He believes that everyone deserves equal representation under the law, and he makes sure to get his team of legal practitioners to go all out for their clients. “All of our client’s matters are handled personally by one of the partners in our firm. We do not hand clients off to associate attorneys or paralegals,” he said.

His journey as a legal practitioner is heavily grounded in taking cases that many other lawyers wouldn’t take and seeing those cases through successfully. He built his practice and career on the backs of satisfied clients who always received personalized attention, even if they didn’t win their cases in court. He was also recognized as a rising star and one of the top 2.5% of attorneys under 40 for seven years in a row, which is rare for any lawyer. Thus, he tries to mentor as many young lawyers as possible to focus on the job before anything else that might distract their journey in the law profession. “A lot of young attorneys want to set off on their own, but they need to either work for an experienced law firm or find a mentor,” he said. “I worked for several years before I became a partner. The experience gained alone is essential. Law school doesn’t teach you how to practice law; you only learn the theory and then go to practice law to learn how to practice law.”

In the post-pandemic world, Nicholas B. Grossman is leading a team that has adjusted quite well to the effects of the pandemic. He believes the legal system has made a turn for the better as people no longer have to drive everywhere and can conduct any type of business via remote meetings. Nicholas also has a courtroom TV show in development, with him as the judge..

With all the changes in the world, Nicholas Grossman hopes to continue to deliver on cases to his clients and leverage his experience as a judge pro tem from hearing civil matters, traffic matters, small claims cases and civil harassment cases to deliver excellently to clients no matter how complex their cases are. Also, as a member in good standing of the State Bar of California, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court Bar, he’s confident that there’s so much he has to offer the world of law and remains committed to achieving that for not just himself but his firm too.

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