NFTs and Generational Wealth With The Wizard of SoHo

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are a major topic of conversation these days. NFTs are growing more popular and enticing broader audiences as their place in everyday life is quickly being established.  When your favorite artist, musician, high-end brand or celebrity is releasing collections of NFTs, they are hard to ignore. The monetary benefits that non-fungible tokens offer are no longer reserved solely for the crypto space. Digital art in the form of NFTs is booming in the present, but will NFTs become a dying trend? Probably not. Currently, NFT sales increased over  $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021. Various curious investors and industries are utilizing NFTs and it won’t stop there, especially when an entire generation of youth has been raised by technology. In the future, NFTs may offer the perfect utility for a generation immersed in a digital world.

Wall Street professional, The Wizard of SoHo, continues to reaffirm to his large following that NFTs are the future… and he would know. The Wizard has over a decade of experience on Wall Street and he is the Chief Visionary of decentralized finance exchange TendieSwap. TendieSwap also features their blockchain casino, TendieBets, where participants are encouraged to bet on anything from sports, esports, political results to the entertainment industry. The Wizard and the Tendie team released 3,333 Chunky Chicken NFTs on September 8. With the help of the Wizard’s large social media presence and the amazing Tendie community, they crowdfunded $1 million and sold out in less than 24 hours. Their Discord shot from 0 to 6500 participants and the community pushed together to get the entire project complete, from start to finish, in 48 hours.

Before the launch of TendieSwap, the Wizard already had a strong community backing on Instagram, Telegram and other platforms. He presents an intriguing life of hard earned affluence on social media. When The Wizard isn’t managing crypto funds or developing the next generation of Chunky Chickens with Tendie, he’s waking up at (sometimes) ungodly hours to mint the next big NFTs. We asked him what some of his favorite NFTs are at the moment, “Anything from CyberKongz, Ether Orcs, Baby Chickens, Message to Martians and Anonymice.” The Wizard views NFTs  as calculated investments that will continue to obtain value beyond the present. He sees the shift in the market and welcomes it with open arms, “Bitcoin created generational wealth for thousands of people over the last 10 years. NFTs do that daily.” So there you have it, NFTs are evolving from what some once viewed as a trendy get-rich-quick scheme and are shifting to holding long-term monetary value.

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