NFT Project “Chillin Chameleons” Is Here to Save the World

NFTs are a rising trend in the crypto space and have become a huge market disruptor in recent years. As digital assets, NFTs have emerged as a source to monetize artists’ creative talent and offer a host of monetary benefits to art lovers and NFT enthusiasts. Over the last few years, many brands have ventured into the NFT space with unique concepts, but Chillin Chameleons have stolen the limelight with their innovative approach and ideas. This NFT project goes beyond unique digital art and community to save the planet from the plastic problem.

Chillin Chameleons is a new NFT project listed on the Ethereum blockchain. It presents a collection of 5,005 unique Chameleons as NFTs. People can buy a Chameleon as an NFT or auction the one they own to earn money. The owners of Chillin Chameleons will get exclusive access to the Meta Millionaire Society, a revolutionary digital master class focused on NFTs, crypto, and Web3. Chillin Chameleons’ mission is to educate people on the prospects of crypto and build a family-like community that can support the noble cause of saving the ocean and the environment we live in.

To accomplish this goal, Chillin Chameleons has partnered with the non-profit organization Pro2tect. The mission of Pro2tect is to create innovative technologies that can take trash from the ocean, such as plastic waste, and turn it into renewable energy. A portion of the primary and secondary sales of Chillin Chameleons goes to Pro2tect to help fund ocean conservation efforts, reef cleanups, and community beach clean-up events. This includes 7% of primary sales, along with 15% of the royalties made to fund pyrolysis plant feasibility reports and more community events.

Buying a Chillin Chameleon means the owner becomes part of this historic mission of saving our planet. With each Chameleon sold, the project moves one step ahead towards its goal. The idea is to go by one NFT at a time. The biggest upcoming move for this partnership is to install the first pyrolysis plant in Hawaii to turn plastic into biofuel. This may not be as easy as it seems—its success depends on the growth of the Chillin Chameleon community.

So far, this innovative NFT project has earned remarkable support from different corners of the world. Chillin Chameleons has raised over six figures and donated the amount to Pro2tect for ocean conservation. Since the NFT project has sold out, it has funded five figures to install a FloWater refill machine to be used by the South Maui Community to prevent single-use plastics for decades to come. Apart from this, Chillin Chameleons have also funded Pro2tect for more than 15 beach/reef clean-ups across Maui, Oahu, Big Island, and California. Dozens more community clean-ups are already scheduled for 2022.

Besides funding ocean conservation, Chillin Chameleons have also funded oyster adoptions and native Hawaii forest restoration. This is just the beginning for Chillin Chameleons as they have plans to introduce more milestones as blockchain technology scales higher in the coming years. So far, Chillin Chameleons have amassed a network of 20 million supporters and influencers to save the biggest source of oxygen, the ocean. Going forward, Chillin Chameleons, as an NFT project, hopes to grow a bigger community to give back to the planet that we live on.

LA Weekly