NFT Innovation: An Inside Look Into Bears Deluxe

In the last few months, the NFT space has experienced tremendous growth. As a result, new projects have continued to emerge daily, from thriving ones to ones that don’t even take off. At the core of the successful NFT projects, you will find the developers working hard to provide continuous improvement. That’s one reason the project’s value continues to skyrocket. With the nascent nature and volatility of the NFT industry, investing in cutting-edge innovations is the only way to attain blue-chip status as the Bears Deluxe project proves.

Initially a one-man show, the Bears Deluxe project is now poised as one of the prime NFTs to rise on the speculation of crypto and gaming this year. That’s in part because of its upcoming Voxel bear releases and partnership with the Sandbox game. Its thriving NFT Alpha community, powerful reputation, and backing are other factors. Over the last few months, the Bears Deluxe developers have passionately worked to bring forth what blockchain technology offers to the world through NFTs and Gaming.

The Bears Deluxe project was started by a single developer, PixelMage, who was working a full-time job elsewhere. PixelMage partnered with PixelKnight and the duo started networking on Twitter and Discord. For an entire month, nothing much seemed to be happening. The project sat on OpenSea for almost a month, only minting a few pieces every couple of days. Shortly after, the developers caught the attention of savvy NFT investors interested in gaming integration.

With interest from holders of popular collections such as CyberKongz, CryptoPunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club, things changed in the project’s favor. The Bears Deluxe collection minted out overnight when these holders bought into it. As a result, the developers found themselves with more work on their hands. To meet the demand, they brought another developer on board and expanded the project.

The team took inspiration from other large projects to launch its one-of-a-kind system. That began with the project’s utility token, HONEYD. According to the developers, Bears can produce a honey token that can be used in combination with Honey Hive NFTs to produce Bees Deluxe NFTs. Holders of the Bears Deluxe can mint the companion collections with HONEYD. The legendary CyberKongz inspired this system.

The announcement of that project generated a lot of excitement in the industry. Because of its increased utility, the Bears Deluxe project became a contender for “Blue chip” NFT status. The developers completed and successfully deployed a 7 smart contract ecosystem in just 3 weeks. The project has been on the OpenSea front page multiple times.

The Bears Deluxe development team’s mission is to make collecting and trading rare art a more rewarding experience for everyone. According to the numbers, the team’s mission is a resounding success. Right now, Bears Deluxe has one of the highest volumes and floor prices for an “OpenSea shared” contract.

The project is a respected authority in the NFT space on blockchain and gaming integration. The team plans to continue developing technology with Bears Deluxe that will continue to mold and shape the industry in the days to come.

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