NextEvo Naturals Uses Technology to Increase CBD Bioavailability by 400%

The cannabidiol (CBD) market in the U.S. is now worth more than $5 billion and is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. There are thousands of companies selling CBD, many that have little knowledge or experience on how to use it to manufacture products, and many more making outlandish claims about its benefits every day. A recent report by Leafreport, a CBD watchdog organization, found that of the 221 products it tested, only 40% matched the labeled CBD strength.

And though many of these companies claim to create products that are “backed by science” few have done the work to show that their specific CBD products are supported by data or research at all. Many peer-reviewed studies showcase the safety and uses of CBD itself, but consumers need to know that the products they’re taking are safe as well.

One thing that can impact how CBD interacts with the body is how it is delivered. While humans are comprised of 60 percent water, most CBD products on the market are made with MTC oil, making them largely incompatible as a delivery vehicle. With oil-based CBD products, the CBD has to go through the body’s digestive system and fall victim to the “first-pass effect” where potency is reduced by up to 90% once it reaches the liver.

John McDonagh, CEO of NextEvo Naturals, and his team of scientists and medical professionals have found a potential solution to this problem. John explained that NextEvo’s unique delivery technology called SmartSorb “turns premium hemp-derived CBD, which is usually oil-soluble, into a water-soluble-like emulsion” which allows CBD to avoid this first-pass effect and enables the stomach and lymphatic system to absorb the product before it even reaches the liver. NextEvo, through a variety of tests, has been able to prove that SmartSorb increases CBD absorption by at least 400%.

NextEvo is committed to becoming a leader in the nutritional supplements industry by providing consumers with facts and data, not just claims. The company, which has formulated a suite of CBD products using its SmartSorb technology, is focused on providing consumers with published research that backs up its content, safety, and absorption. NextEvo tests its products at every stage of formulation and production so that it is confident in what its final products contain.

When asked about pitfalls of the CBD and nutritional supplement industries, John explained, “Overall, the industry has a large problem with quality standards. Third-party testing has become something that consumers have come to expect from the CBD products they buy but very few of these tests are done after the product is formulated. Testing the raw ingredients isn’t enough and we look forward to the day when more stringent requirements are outlined.”

In the future, NextEvo looks forward to utilizing its SmartSorb technology to formulate other CBD products such as gummies and topical products. It will be interesting to see if other companies look toward NextEvo for advice on how to improve CBD bioavailability in their products.

LA Weekly