Yes, Californians Are America's Most Shameless Self-Promoters
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Yes, Californians Are America's Most Shameless Self-Promoters

Some stereotypes are true. They just are. Californians are, for the most part, self-obsessed, image-conscious narcissists. 

Our Facebook pages are filled with shopping-trip photos, car-adjacent selfies, and endless chatter about fitness, fashion and food. Much of it, of course, is just a projection of a glamorous world that is mostly fictional. (You know who you are).

Still, California is "the #1 "Most Braggadocious" U.S. state," says a representative for the social sharing site HeyLets.

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The site surveyed 2,500 people from coast to coast about their social media habits and the number of posts "on potentially self-promotional topics (such as trips to special locations, attendance at memorable events, and work-related good news)" they typically produce, according to a statement.

California topped the resulting list of "the 20 most boastful" or "braggadocious" states in America, HeyLets says. A national-high three out of four Californians (77 percent) "frequently engage in self-promotion."

Sounds right. Here's the list:

#1: California (77% ... )
#2: Washington (76%)
#3: Nevada: (72%)
#4: Maryland (70%)
#5: New Hampshire (69%)
#6: Illinois (67%)
#7: Virginia (66%)
#8: Oklahoma (64%)
#9: New Jersey (60%)
#10: New York (58%)
#11: South Dakota (57%)
#12: Delaware (57%)
#13: Colorado (55%)
#14: Alabama (55%)
#15: Kentucky (54%)
#16: Indiana (53%)
#17: Georgia (52%)
#18: Minnesota (52%)
#19: Florida (51%)
#20: Texas (51%)

"On social networks like Facebook and Instagram, many so-called 'status updates' are really 'brag-ommendatons' — opportunities to enhance your status with friends and followers by showcasing your apparently amazing life," says the HeyLets representative.

If, however, you need to get away from a place where having the latest iPhone is mandatory, your gym is your idea of an intellectual gathering, and reconstructive surgery is considered to be basic self-maintenance, then HeyLets has you covered.

Here are the "20 most-humble U.S. states," according to the site:

#1: Utah (22%)
#2: Oregon (26%)
#3: South Carolina (33%)
#4: Kansas (34%)
#5: Arizona (34%)
#6: Arkansas (37%)
#7: Pennsylvania (39%)
#8: Massachusetts (40%)
#9: Rhode Island (40%)
#10: Wisconsin (41%)
#11: Connecticut (43%)
#12: Ohio (44%)
#13: North Carolina (45%)
#14: Maine (46%)
#15: Michigan (47%)
#16: Tennessee (47%)
#17: Missouri (48%)
#18: Louisiana (48%)
#19: Mississippi (49%)
#20: Iowa (49%)

Humility, of course, has its costs, too. You'd actually have to live in one of these places. Ew.

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