Is this store giving L.A. the proverbial finger?
Is this store giving L.A. the proverbial finger?
Racked LA

Would You Shop At 'Fuk U' Store On Melrose? F$%* Yeah!

The brilliant marketing minds behind a soon-to-open "lingerie love shop" on Melrose Avenue muse have been burning the midnight oil to come up with such a clever and catchy name for the retailer: Fuk U.

Racked LA has the photo and notes that next door is the Orange Bone "canine boutique," which has a phallic logo. Now all the male dogs out there can kill two birds with one stone.

Good question, however:

How long before someone on the L.A. City Council notices this place and says, you can't say that via a large sign above one of the West Coast's most iconic streets?

You don't want a powerful city official saying, "F me? F you!" Now do you?

Fuk U is at 7576 Melrose Ave., by the way -- for all your f-ing needs.


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