Janice Hahn.
Janice Hahn.

Will The Lakers-Celtics Game Block Your Shot At Voting?

Some officials have expressed concern that the Lakers' televised, 6 p.m. NBA Finals game against the Boston Celtics Tuesday could discourage fans from getting to the polls after work and further impact low voter turnout for the statewide primary. At least one campaign, that of Lt. Governor hopeful Janice Hahn, is encouraging Angelenos to take a timeout and vote, despite the excitement surrounding the match-up.

"I want to remind all the Lakers fans to get out and vote for Janice tonight before the game," stated Hahn's campaign manager, Michael Trujillo.

Of course, the message couldn't be delivered without noting that the Los Angeles city councilwoman has received the endorsement of "NBA great Magic Johnson." We are purple (and gold) with envy.


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