Will California Pot Smokers Be Motivated Enough To Make It Out To The Polls In November?

There's a lot of high anxiety about whether Prop. 19, the initiative that will essentially legalize pot for good, will pass in California.

We posted Wednesday about how some Democratic analysts are predicting a toasty good turnout for their party as a result of getting a boost from the pothead demographic that could turn out to vote in favor of 19.

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But we questioned the wisdom of counting on stoners to get, as an esteemed editor put it, "mota-vated" enough to vote. Our commenter du jour, Todd Collins, took us to task for characterizing cannabis supporters as wake-and-bake types:

I am college-educated, run a successful business and I choose to smoke pot instead of using alcohol.

I think LA Weekly furthers a stereotype by characterizing pot smokers as unmotivated...plenty of scientists, professionals and even a few billionaires choose pot and it doesn't slow us down a bit!

Do you think the pro-pot block will spark change come November?


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