Why 2,500 Trick-or-Treaters Swarmed L.A.'s Angelino Heights on Halloween

On Halloween, masses of the best-informed trick-or-treaters did not head to upscale Beverly Hills or Toluca Lake, where word went out on some TV and radio that you could get full-sized candy bars.

No, the smart crowd chose Angelino Heights, L.A.'s rare, circa-1880s neighborhood on a bluff above Echo Park Lake. The once-derelict neighborhood is now filled with dozens of carefully preserved, spooky Victorian mansions. It's the city's worst-kept secret on Halloween as residents go all-out to scare the growing throngs who stream to streets like Carroll Avenue and imagine they're in a century where Jack the Ripper or a cackling green witch rule.

Haunted house on Carroll Avenue, Angelino Heights.
Haunted house on Carroll Avenue, Angelino Heights.
Michael Linder

There, Planaria Price and Murray Burns, who L.A. Weekly featured in its 2007 People issue, have helped lead a privately funded (largely), magical transformation of a once crime-ridden, tumbledown and forgotten corner of Los Angeles.

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