White Supremacist Is A Shoo In For School Board Seat In Inland Empire

Updated: A bunch of people have filed. Looks like he's not a shoo-in. Read about it here.

Self-proclaimed white supremacist Dan Schruender, a spokesman for the Aryan Nation, is running for a seat in the Rialto Unifed School District, according to the Associated Press.

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Schreunder, who announced his candidacy on an Aryan Nation blog earlier this week, said he would not let his ideology affect his decisions on the school board.

According to his blog, Schruender received a teaching credential from National University in Redlands, California.

"I became disgusted with the educational system, and retired from teaching," he states. "I now run my own modest business repairing mobile homes."

There are only two seats up for election at the school board. Only two people, including Schruender, have filed to run for the positions.

"The deadline is this Friday," he wrote, "If no one else files, then I'm in!"


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