Laura Richardson, credit risk
Laura Richardson, credit risk

When Will John Shallman Sue Laura Richardson?

Political consultant John Shallman sued L.A. Councilman Bernard Parks last week, alleging that he is owed nearly $150,000 from Parks' unsuccessful 2008 race for the Board of Supervisors.

So when will Shallman sue Rep. Laura Richardson? Richardson, best known for her serial mortgage defaults, still owes Shallman $219,500 from her race for Congress in 2007.

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"I don't have any plans to [sue] at the moment," Shallman said.

Well, you can't get blood from a stone, and Richardson, D-Long Beach, doesn't have enough cash on hand to pay Shallman. Given that she won her race, though, you'd think she'd be able to raise it if she wanted to.

Then again, Richardson's money woes are well known. In 2008, she lost her Sacramento house in a foreclosure auction. The circumstances were fishy enough -- she ultimately got the house back after complaining that it had been sold out from under her -- that the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation.

Richardson had defaulted on other mortgages as well. It also emerged

that she had not paid many smaller debts, including a $150 printing

bill and a $735 bill for car repairs.

She said at the time that she was having trouble keeping current because she had been changing jobs. She went from the Long Beach City Council to the Assembly to Congress in less than a year.

She makes a Congressional salary of $174,000, less than Parks' council salary of $179,000. Parks also earns a pension of $265,000 from his 38 years of service to the LAPD, so perhaps he can afford to come to terms with Shallman and put this all behind him.


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