Cannabis bud
Cannabis bud
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What the Future of Marijuana Looks Like for L.A.

With recreational marijuana finally approved by California voters in November — and with recreational pot shops set to open in 2018 under the new law — the cannabis world will see lots of changes this year. Below is a round-up of recent articles offering insight into the budding weed industry in 2017.

What Does 2017 Hold for California's Marijuana Economy?

Angelenos are stoked about legal weed with the passage of Proposition 64. But while you're still lighting those victory joints, remember that we have more than a year to go until the state's adult use and medical marijuana regulations are in full swing. Here's what you need to know.

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It's Sorta Legal to Smoke Weed While Driving. A Proposal Seeks to Fix That

Proposition 64's architects wrote a fairly sober initiative, banning possession of weed for those younger than 21 and banning toking in public, for example. But they overlooked one small thing. They forgot to ban getting stoned in your car. Oops?

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Buds & Roses
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How Cannabis Businesses Can Deal With Drug Trafficking Tax Code 280E

California is likely to see a boon to its weed economy in the coming years, with the industry expected to top $6 billion by 2020. But for many looking to cash in on green, tax code 280E is a major buzzkill.

Read the full L.A. Weekly article here.


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