Sen. Bob Dutton
Sen. Bob Dutton

What Should You Do If Anne Gust Brown Yells At You?

Sen. Bob Dutton, the Senate minority leader, complained yesterday that Gov. Jerry Brown's wife, Anne Gust Brown, yelled at him during closed-door budget meetings.

"I was yelled at more than I was talked to," Dutton said. "And mostly by Mrs. Brown, not even by the governor."

The reason for the yelling, presumably, was Dutton's seven-page list of demands -- which included things like hacking up CEQA and doing away with teacher seniority.

But whatever the reason, it raises an etiquette question: What should you do if the governor's wife yells at you?

Option 1: Call a press conference to complain about it. Upside: Good chance to vent. Downside: Looks like whining.

Option 2: Calmly and patiently explain why no commercial, residential or mixed-use project that can reasonably be characterized as "urban infill" should be subject to environmental review. Upside: Developers will love you. Downside: Not cathartic.

Option 3: Yell back. Upside: Catharsis! Downside: Might not get invited to the next soiree on the Delta King.

Option 4: Man up. Upside: It's what Reagan would have done. Downside: The world will never know your pain.


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