What Budget Mess? Mayor V. To Host Pre-Oscar Party

Just today we were ribbing Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for being seemingly everywhere BUT City Hall -- Washington, D.C. (begging Congress for money), Beverly Hills (meeting with alternative-energy investors) and Exposition Park (for a pow-wow with Princeton professor Cornell West). All this, of course, as the city faces a $212-million-and-growing budget disaster -- including less cops, firefighters and paramedics on the streets -- that even had the City Council calling for a local state of emergency.

Now comes word that Mayor V., ever the man with his priorities straight (witness December's trek to Europe or this month's cameo on All My Children), will be hosting a pre-Oscar party at the city-funded mayor's residence Thursday night. Because, when the city's on it's last dime and you can't find a cop when you need one, what it really needs is a red-carpet event celebrating the ultra-rich of Hollywood.

The event, co-hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, is called Nominees' Night at Getty House and will honor Oscar nominees (it's not clear yet who will show). THR states that Microsoft Bing, L'Oreal Paris and the city of Veracruz (THR has it as "Vera Cruz," but we're assuming it's the Mexican city) are sponsoring the event.

It's not clear how much public money will go into the party, although the house is maintained through city funds at the cost of more than $100,000 a year (PDF). (And the mayor don't come cheap either).


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