West Hollywood Ballot Proposal Would Allow More 'Tall-Wall' Billboards

A West Hollywood city councilman is warning residents to think twice before they sign a petition that seeks to place a billboard measure on a city ballot in March. Councilman Jeff Prang says the the proposal, if approved by voters, would actually allow property owners to install "tall-wall" billboards that are difficult to get erected under current city rules.

Prang sent out a "voter advisory" Monday afternoon warning residents about the petitions being circulated by the measure's backer, Mike McNeilly of supergraphic company SkyTag. According to LAist, Prang states:

It also appears that the initiative contains 'Trojan Horse' type language that would allow some building owners automatic rights to install tall walls and other signage that they currently cannot install without going through an approval and permitting process. It would basically allow unregulated placement of billboards and tall walls on some of the City's main thoroughfares without any local control or authority.

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McNeilly, meanwhile. told Curbed LA that "The so-called 'Trojan Horse' is presented to allow other property owners in West Hollywood the same rights as others who have been granted these rights by the city" -- a statement that doesn't really refute the councilman's assertion.

He says the measure, which would tax off-site billboards (and not, apparently, all the new "tall wall" ones that would be allowed if it passes), would raise $4.2 million in additional revenues for WeHo.


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