Voter Guide to L.A. Weekly's March 5 Election Stories: Prop. A, Garcetti, Greuel, Perry, James, Pleitez, CD 1, CD 3, CD 7, CD 9, CD 13, LAUSD

Here is key coverage so far by the L.A. Weekly staff regarding the Los Angeles March 5, 2013 primary:

--Proposition A: Sales Tax or Scam? By Hillel Aron

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--and Prop. A Sales Tax Goliath Fought by "David" Jack Humphreville, By Patrick Range McDonald

--Wendy Greuel Dined with IBEW Boss During Criticism She's Too Close, By Gene Maddaus

--and Wendy Gruel, The Insider: Her Union Ties Could be Her Biggest Help or Biggest Liability, By Gene Maddaus

--Eric Garcetti's Solyndra: Broke L.A. Dangled $1 Million to Troubled Car Firm, By Gene Maddaus

--and Hollywood's Urban Cleansing: 12,878 Mostly Latinos Pushed Out, by Patrick Range McDonald

--and Garcetti Claims Ignorance on Owning Clear Channel Stock While Voting for 880 Digital Billboards, By Patrick Range McDonald

--Kevin James' Mayoral Dreams Get Legs, By Hillel Aron

--Jan Perry Bankruptcies Strangely Absent from Mayoral Race, By Gene Maddaus

--and from 2012 Jan Perry Vows to Speak Truth to Power, By Gene Maddaus

--Emanuel Pleitez: The Most Amazing Person Who Won't Win the March 5 Primary, By Patrick Range McDonald

--Los Angeles Unified School District Board: Can Kate Anderson Fix LAUSD?" By Hillel Aron

--and New York Mayor Bloomberg Pours in $1 Million to Elect Monica Garcia, Oust Zimmer, at LAUSD, By Jill Stewart

--and from 2012, Kate Anderson goes after Anti-Charter Steve Zimmer, By Jill Stewart

--L.A. City Council District 1: Cedillo V. Gardea, Ugly Fight for $178,789 Job, By Matthew Mullins

--L.A. City Council District 3: Bob Blumenfield Secretly Amended Changed Vote in Sacramento 89 Times, By Patrick Range McDonald

--L.A. City Council District 7: Felipe Fuentes Secretly Amended Switched Vote in Sacramento 138 Times

--and The L.A. Times' Tortured 'Endorsement' of Felipe Fuentes, by Patrick Range McDonald

--and from 2010: Felipe Fuentes, Worst Legislator in California, By David Futch

--L.A. City Council District 9: Will Local Knowledge Underdog Ana Cubas Emerge from Black v. Brown Battle with Carpetbagger Curren Price? By Patrick Range McDonald

--L.A. City Council District 13: Unions Push Unknown Carpetbagger John Choi over Local Knowledge Mitch O'Farrell, By Patrick Range McDonald

--and City Council District 13: John Choi Says "Labor Will be on Inside" if He Wins, By Gene Maddaus


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