Cowboys are an invention of Latin America. Irony?
Cowboys are an invention of Latin America. Irony?

(Video) 'Toy Story 3' Anti-Oscar Campaign Waged By Disney Resort Workers

Update: Our friends over at OC Weekly have photos of Monday night's protest here. First posted at 7:05 a.m..

Disney's Toy Story 3 ended up on some critics' year-end Top 10 lists, but now a labor union wants to put it back in the toy chest and keep it out of contention for a Oscar nomination.

In fact, while studios are putting their Oscar P.R. campaigns into high gear, Unite Here Local 11, the folks behind those brazen protests against area hotels accused of underpaying Mexicans workers, is lashing out against the Disney empire.

The hotel workers, locked in a longtime dispute with the Disneyland Resort, headed to the company's headquarters in Burbank Monday night to wage an "anti-Oscar campaign."

Variety reports that the campaign could, in fact, make a dent:

Unite Here members protest outside Disney headquarters.
Unite Here members protest outside Disney headquarters.
Christopher Victorio

Unite Here has already shown significant clout among the Hollywood unions, as the Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America both decided recently to move their awards shows from the Century Plaza due to a Unite Here dispute with Hyatt management over the issue of organizing workers at nonunion hotels.

Because Hollywood's guilt-ridden, bleeding-heart kind, rich liberals really do love Latinos (in subservient and/or small roles -- catering!, security guards!, have a wonderful tine! -- and never, ever with green-light authority).


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