Would you give your wallet to this guy?
Would you give your wallet to this guy?

(Video) Three Gunman, One In A Halloween Mask, Rob Downtown Los Angeles Wholesale Business, Scare The Hell Out Of People

Scariest. Robbery. Ever. (Video after the jump).

Three dudes roll up to a clothing wholesale/retail business in an industrial part of southeast downtown, pull out guns, and get $6,000 in cash. One of them is wearing a Jason-like Halloween ski mask (not to mention that he's also carrying what appears to be a large semiautomatic handgun).

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It all went down in broad daylight Oct. 29 at California Liquidators, 664 South Santa Fe Avenue, police said.

The trio of robbers entered the business' cargo entrance about 4:10 p.m. One guy wore the mask, the other two covered their faces with hoodies, cops said.

" ... Videotape clearly shows how the suspects shoved their guns into the faces of frightened customers and employees," LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon said.  "One customer, a woman, was actually kicked in the shoulder while she lay on the floor, even though she was obeying their commands."

The three got away in a white or silver Toyota Camry, police said.

Anyone who might have information about the robbery was asked to call the LAPD at 213-972-1245.

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