(Video) Los Angeles Ravers Rejoice: Fluorescent Fish Headed To A Pet Store Near You (Some Day)

As if the glow-stick nation in L.A., thes capital of raving, needs another trip toy, scientists in Taiwan have created what appear to be the world's largest glow-fish so far -- "medium-sized" angelfish that alight in fluorescent warmth.

The Jy Lin Company reportedly took three years and almost $320,000 dollars to breed the fish with a protein gene that creates an electrical pulse; it lights them up in the dark.

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Don't go dropping that ecstasy tablet just yet, however (and you, grandpa, put the LSD tab down): The company states it will take some time -- and safety tests -- for the neon angelfish to make it to the market.

We can't wait until these pets replace superstar DJs as the main attractions at L.A. raves.


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