Fake Allred with Nicky Diaz.
Fake Allred with Nicky Diaz.

(Video) L.A. Attorney Gloria Allred (And Client Nicky Diaz) Skewered On 'SNL'

It seemed like nobody around here noticed, but attorney-to-the-disgruntled Gloria Allred was spoofed in the opening of this weekend's Saturday Night Live. The show was planned after Meg Whitman's Allred-fanned nannygate hit the news, and apparently before gubernatorial rival Jerry Brown faced his own whoregate problems that overshadowed Whitman's illegal-immigrant issue.

Allred was portrayed by UCLA alum Nasim Pedrad, who had to have witnessed the lawyer rep many a crying client before news cameras during her time in Westwood (she was raised in O.C.).

The skit took the form of a show, Ask Gloria Allred (video after the jump):

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Asked why she outed Nicky Diaz as an illegal immigrant, thus exposing her to possible deportation, Allred says, "That's a good question. I'm going to recommend that Nicky hire a good immigration lawyer."

Asked if there were anything she wouldn't do to get her "butt-ugly mug in front of the camera," Allred says, "I guess my answer would be no."

We have a soft-spot for Allred, if only because she generates so much sensational news in this town. So it was also nice to see fake Allred get to utter those immortal words:

"Live from New York, It's Saturday Night."


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