USC student housing: The right place to look.
USC student housing: The right place to look.

Video-Game Robbery Near USC: Suspects Punch Man in Forehead, Make Off With 2 PlayStations, Xbox 360

The suspects from last week's USC street-robbery spree may be behind bars, but the 'hood's not safe yet: Three video-game thieves allegedly struck a student's house in the 700 block of West 27th Street last night.

According to City News Service, the off-campus USC student told campus police she saw three black guys in their mid-20s take off with her non-student roommate's Xbox 360 -- along with his two PlayStations -- after punching him in the forehead just past midnight.

Which will teach you never to hoard three gaming consoles in a single household. Especially when you live on the upper edge of South L.A. Just sayin'.

LAPD Lieutenant Dominic Choi tells City News that the robbery victim "suffered a minor laceration" from the forehead assault, but nothing serious enough to send him to a hospital. One of the robbers was allegedly carrying a handgun, as well, but fortunately didn't feel the need to use it.

Scene of the crime:

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Why couldn't they have gone for the bioengineering textbooks? Probably worth just as much, anyway.



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