David Beckham.
David Beckham.

(Video) David Beckham Gets Bent Out Of Shape When Los Angeles Galaxy Fan Tells Him To 'Stop With The Prostitutes'

Sometime Los Angeles resident David Beckham got a little bent out of shape over a fan's comments at an L.A. Galaxy game over the weekend after a man yelled that the soccer star should "stop with the prostitutes."

What prostitutes, you ask? Beckham on Friday filed suit against In Touch magazine for stating that he allegedly paid for sex: Three women -- two prostitutes and a madam -- reportedly came forward to back the claim. As you can see in this video (after the jump), the accusations have the tough guy piping mad:

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Because nothing sends fear through an Angeleno like a Brit weighing a buck-fifty. And nothing empowers a rich Englishman like an entourage of security guards.

Beckham challenges the fan to "say it to my face," but only after his face was headed for the locker room.


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