(VIDEO) Craig Huey Calls Anti-Janice Hahn Video "Highly Offensive"

(VIDEO) Craig Huey Calls Anti-Janice Hahn Video "Highly Offensive"

Councilwoman Janice Hahn is favored to win a seat in Congress next month. She defeated her strongest opponent, Debra Bowen, in the primary, and is likely to waltz to victory over Tea Party candidate Craig Huey in the July 12 runoff.

If you're a conservative, that has to grate. So why not vent your frustration with a deeply offensive viral video?

That's apparently what Ladd Ehlinger was thinking when he produced this video, entitled "Give us your cash, bitch."

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Wow. Take a moment.

Reached by phone, Ehlinger said he was trying "to see how much controversy we can stir up."

"If you can't have a sense of humor about us talking about her problems with gang members, she shouldn't be running," Ehlinger said.

Huey's campaign manager, Jimmy Camp, quickly denounced the video, calling it "inappropriate" and "highly offensive" and noting that it has no connection to the campaign.

"He's absolutely right," Ehlinger said. "It is offensive and it has absolutely nothing to do with him."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also denounced the ad, calling it "offensive and sexist."

Ehlinger said he wrote the lyrics with members of Splack Pack, a Florida-based rap group, who also performed.

"They're awesome guys," he said. "We were having fun."

Update: Politico goes deep on CA-36, arguing that Hahn is at risk due to Democratic apathy and her "lack of core principles." The story also cites an internal Democratic poll showing Hahn up by "roughly 5 points."


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