Alex Eljabiri.
Alex Eljabiri.

Venice Burglary Suspect Alex Eljabiri Videotaped Possible Break-In With a Stolen iPod Touch, Cops Say

In the annals of stupid (alleged) criminals, videotaping one's shenanigans has to be one of the more shortsighted moves of all time.

But it certainly can help authorities nail you to the wall.

Take the case of Alex Eljabiri, who police nabbed last month for allegedly burglarizing a residence on 28th Avenue, according to the site Yo! Venice!

When he was arrested, LAPD Pacific Division detectives say, he had in his possession an iPod Touch allegedly taken from that home. And on that iPod?

You guessed it: Video of what they think could be another house being burglarized.

Cops want you to take a look to see if you can tell them who's casa it is.

If you can name this house, call LAPD burglary detectives at 310-482-6343.

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