Welcome to California, Oklahomans.
Welcome to California, Oklahomans.

Van Lines Say More People (Who Can Afford Movers) Coming To California

If you agree that California knows how to party, perhaps you're not alone.

America's major moving van lines, United, Atlas and Allied, report that the Golden State, despite its subprime-housing crisis, a state government that's billions underwater and a recently departed governor named Arnold, actually attracted more new people than it sent away.

That's good news (from the Orange County Register, via LA Biz Observed) in a down economy.

New people bring money and they come for the kind of opportunity and dreams (swimming pools, movie stars) that make this state ... awesome.

United van lines said inbound California moves were up five percent from 2009 to 2010, with the highest level of California-here-we-comers since 2000. Atlas said such business was up eight percent. Allied said it was up 13 percent.

And just think, van-line using people are good people with like cars and awaiting jobs and soon-be-bought houses and stuff. They're not U-Haul people (yuk). Or even Greyhound-bus using people (Eek).

We kid. A little.


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