Valentine's Gifts for the Cannabis Lover You LoveEXPAND
Courtesy Om Edibles

Valentine's Gifts for the Cannabis Lover You Love

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and everyone knows air is the best when it has large quantities of marijuana in it.

Picking the right cannabis accessories for Valentine’s Day is super important. You could accidentally get your hands on some dope purple and get stuck to the couch. There goes that dinner reservation you booked in September because you’re a thinker. And sex? You can’t even get up out of your seat! It’ll just look like the worst episode of Planet Earth.

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We would never want the wrong pot products to ruin all the excitement, so we’ve curated a list of items that surely turn you into a regular Kushanova in no time! Valentine’s Day is meant to be a spicy one, and variety is the spice of life. We’ll cover a wide assortment of options to help you get the best out of your evening.

And even if you're spending the night on your couch alone with Ben & Jerry, all this stuff makes for a great time!

Om Edibles' Lychee Blossom Gummi Multi-Packs
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the company that has won it all brings back one of the most unusual flavors in the cannabis industry with its lychee-flavored gummi packs. Lychee has been a celebrated flavor in China for 2,000 years, and now you can enjoy it infused with either THC or CBD thanks to Om. In this day and age Om can put only 10 milligrams of excitement in each gummi, but since they taste so good you should have no problem downing the whole pack!

Kush Queen's Ignite CBD Lube
From L.A.’s own Kush Queen, Ignite CBD Lube will have your bedroom looking like a Slip ’n’ Slide in no time. For all those tight situations and experimentations, a few squirts of CBD lube and you’ll be ready to rumble at latex-friendly hype levels unknown to most.  Each bottle contains 30mg CBD in total, so it's a pinch steep at $50, but we’re sure you’ll see it making the rounds at bachelorette parties.

Kush Queen's Love CBD Bath Bomb
It’s been 21 years since Lush co-founder Mo Constantine revolutionized bathing with his first bath bomb, and now they have weed in them. Another one from the shelves of Kush Queen to rev your sex engine, the Love CBD Bath Bomb will have your tub fizzing like something out of a low-budget James Cameron space adventure, with a hint of oranges. The Love version of the bath bombs is a 1:1 ratio featuring 25mg each of CBD and THC. They are handmade with 100 percent organic essential oil blends, lab-tested C02 cannabis oil, and CBD isolate with no artificial dyes or preservatives. 

Puffco, the Puffco Plus
The flagship concentrate vape pen of the last decade is without a doubt the Puffco Plus. While there is plenty to be excited about in its wildly popular new Puffco Peak e-rigs, there is no denying that the Plus is still arguably the best way to enjoy high-end concentrates on the go when a situation doesn’t allow for a larger apparatus. It’s a safe bet your significant other won’t want you sparking up a blowtorch in the back of an Uber and the driver won’t let you keep your dab rig in the cup holder unless he lives for that fifth star. The Plus will allow you to sneak a few rips in before heading into the restaurant; by the time appetizers arrive, who knows what planet you’ll be on.

Gold Seal's Cherry Cheesecake
A jar of elite cannabis flowers can make any day better, and Valentine’s is no different. In a world where hyper-corporate farms are opening on what seems like a weekly basis, Gold Seal continues to enjoy a seat at the table when you're talking about the best cultivators in California. The Cherry Cheesecake is a prime example of why people are so enthusiastic about Gold Seal. The indica-leaning blend will provide a slightly relaxing kick while also fusing a solid cerebral edge into the experience. Gold Seal keeps the genetics close to its chest on this one, but when you open the jar for the first time you’ll quickly understand where it got its name. You can pick some up at Los Angeles Farmers.

Kiva's Terra BitesEXPAND
Kiva's Terra Bites
Courtesy Kiva

Kiva's Terra Bites
While strawberries may be the premier Valentine’s Day fruit for dipping in chocolate, we believe Kiva's celebrated Terra Bites make a solid argument for blueberries. It’s not just us, either — every month around 10,400 Terra Bites packages are sold in L.A., according to Kiva! That works out to 208,000 individual blueberries covered with weed chocolate every month, and 2.4 million per year just in L.A. alone. We all can’t be crazy, right? Kiva arguably ushered in the modern microdosing movement when it first released these a few years ago. At a time when everyone was going for the highest potency bang for the buck possible, Kiva proved microdosing economically viable. And these days it’s not only economically viable but also state law.

Field Extracts, Zmoothie #5 Sauce
Few things in life smoke better than the finest sauces. Hash extraction evolved just as fast as cannabis as a whole over the last decade. The nasty waxes of years past have now been refined into these fantastically flavored sauces. And with options on the market like the aforementioned Puffco Plus, everybody can enjoy these amazing concentrates with minimal startup costs. If you’re too scared of trying to maneuver the sauce into something yourself, Field Extracts makes some of the best cartridges on the market. We were reminded of that recently when the company's Zkittlez took first place at the Emerald Cup. Their Papaya collaboration with Str8organics also won the Emerald Cup last year in the solventless hash category. While their rosin didn’t win the cup, it did come in second and took four other places in the top 10.


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