USC wins this one.
USC wins this one.

USC Ranks As A Top 'Hipster College' in U.S.

USC has beaten UCLA in recent academic rankings, and you know the Trojans are a dominant force in football.

But did you know the students on the campus next to Exposition Park were cool kids, too?

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A new ranking of "Hipster Colleges" by Unigo says ...

... USC is the fifth-ranked hipster school in the entire nation.

Maybe it's the proximity to the new downtown bar scene, the sex on the rooftop or just the fact that, as private school kids, Trojans can afford all that day-glow American Apparel.

Unigo notes that Silver Lake isn't that far, and says ...

... USC is a great school for all those sporty hipsters who want to get involved with skateboarding, ping pong, quidditch, climbing, and surfing.

(Wait, isn't UCLA a little closer to the skateboarding mecca of Venice and the waves of Malibu?).

Anyway, USC was beat out by New York University (number 4), Reed College (3), Oberlin College (2) and Bard College (1).

See the whole list here.


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