This is not a positive image, apparently.
This is not a positive image, apparently.

USC Nude Photo Scandal: Greek Councils Respond Like Debbie Downer, Call For 'Positive Social Images' of Upstanding Frat Members

After careful deliberation, USC's Greek councils this week came up with a "two-phase" plan of action to address the recent public-sex-caught-on-camera controversy and a previous misogynistic email that spread across campus.

And it doesn't involve a toga party (go figure).

No, the gist of it is to educate frat boys and sorority girls about the "importance of maintaining positive social images," according to the Daily Trojan's account of the groundbreaking pow-wow.

So beer kegs, huge frat-row houses with many rooms for sex, hazing, taking the virgin frat members to the nearest massage parlor, and defiling Westwood's Bruin bear would be out of the question under this plan, we assume.

The program devised by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity councils at USC would require half of all Greek members on campus to attend Take Back the Night sessions, events about domestic violence awareness.

Because nothing takes the hornyness and misogyny out of you people like domestic violence awareness.

Good job, Greek councils.

We just hope there's an after-party.


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