Pardee Tower.
Pardee Tower.

USC Freshman Rachel Kim Dies At On-Campus Dorm: Coroner Likely To Conduct Toxicology Test

An 18-year-old USC freshman died in her dorm room, and coroner's officials were likely looking into whether or not she had taken any drugs or was under the influence of anything toxic or poisonous.

Campus public safety officers found Rachel Kim unresponsive in her sixth-floor residence at Pardee Tower Wednesday at 8:41 p.m, according to the USC Daily Trojan.

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County coroner's Lt. Joe Bale told the Weekly results of an autopsy were deferred, most likely so that a toxicology test could be performed so investigators can determine if Kim had anything toxic in her system.

"It's been deferred, and 99 percent of the time it's due to toxicology results," he said.

Last month a USC student who attended a rave-like event fell six stories from a residential building on campus, sending him to a hospital in critical condition. The Los Angeles Times reported he had taken ecstasy.

Kim was a print and digital journalism major, according to the Trojan.

Her roommate, freshman Molly Keam, told the paper the teenager was talking and laughing moments before collapsing.


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