All your fountain are belong to US(C).
All your fountain are belong to US(C).
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USC Appears To Strike First In Rivalry With UCLA: Westwood Campus Fountain Water Turned Red

It's that time of year when your friends at UCLA and USC go at it in anticipation of the annual football match between the crosstown foes that has become of the country's greatest sports rivalries.

It looks like the spoiled children of USC struck first this week by adding red die to three campus fountains in Westwood.

The funny thing is ...

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... a UC police spokeswoman apparently denied any connection to the rivalry, telling the UCLA Daily Bruin, "There's no evidence" to support the idea.


The university put out a statement saying the red fountains were discovered Monday morning.

The violated water was discovered in the Inverted Fountain, the Macgowan Fountain in the campus Sculpture Garden, and the Shapiro Fountain near Royce Hall, according to UCLA.

A campus facilities official, Nicholas Stone, was not as in denial as the UC police about the source of the redness: "It's nothing that can't be fixed," he said. "Every year around this time, I expect something will happen."

Last year the Bruin bear statue on campus was doused in USC yellow. This year the bear is under 24-hour video surveillance and was covered in protective wood, according to UCLA.

We're just waiting for these Westside nerds to strike back (and cyber attacks don't count).


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