Uh Oh, Are the Millennium Skyscrapers Atop the Hollywood Fault?

Updated at the bottom with the City Council's vote. Also: The developer denies its fault study is wrong. First posted at 12:43 p.m. Tuesday.

Despite a sharp warning to the L.A. City Council from Gov. Jerry Brown's top geologist on Saturday not to move forward on development permits, the council apparently is voting tomorrow on whether to approve the Millennium Hollywood twin skyscrapers, which many elected leaders embrace as a point of civic pride.

If the council approves Millennium Hollywood, that vote could set up a battle among four key groups: state geologists and the law they uphold, which prohibits new residences next to or atop earthquake faults; thousands of L.A. residents who oppose the towering skyscrapers planned next to the Capitol Records building; New York–based developer Millennium Partners; and a passel of pro-skyscraper elected officials and their supporters.

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