Turns Out LL Cool J Is Hard as Hell
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Turns Out LL Cool J Is Hard as Hell

A would-be burglar picked the wrong house this morning and the suspect was met with the fists of fury of one LL Cool J, who had in fact warned us via classic rap songs that he's "hard as hell" and that his "mama said knock you out."

That's reportedly what happened to the intruder, who cops told the Weekly was a homeless man in his late 50s.

It all happened ...

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... about 1 a.m. at Mr. J's residence in the 12900 block of Blairwood Drive in the Studio City area, LAPD Officer Richard French told us.

[Everyone else is going with "Mama Said Knock You Out," so we're going with this]:

He said the rapper-actor and the alleged prowler got into an "altercation." Various reports, including TMZ's, described it more as a slaughter:

LL beat the living CRAP out of the intruder ... who's being described as a transient ... reportedly breaking the man's nose and jaw.

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The L.A. Fire Department had no record of responding to that location when we called. It's possible cops took the suspect to the hospital in a police cruiser.

Cops said the suspect was hospitalized in unknown condition. It was unclear if he had been booked yet, but it was likely police would recommend a charge of burglary, French said.

[Added at 12:22 p.m.]: Erik Scott of the LAFD told us a rescue ambulance did respond to that location at 1:12 a.m. at the behest of the LAPD, but the fire department didn't have details about the "severity" of the man's medical issues.

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