Dirty Rotton Imbeciles.
Dirty Rotton Imbeciles.

TSOL Riot: Following Sunset Strip Punk Rock Violence Earlier This Month, Deputies Sweep Area Ahead of Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Show

Remember that punk rock mini-riot outside the Key Club in West Hollywood more than a week ago? The sheriff's department has struck back.

WeHo News reports that deputies swarmed the area for a punk rock show Saturday and arrested 14 people and handed out 41 citations, mostly for alleged alcohol-related violations.

Lt. Dave Smith called it a "pro-active measure to avoid the kind of incident we had there last week."

He said the club itself hired four deputies to man Saturday's show featuring Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, whose fans were said to have caused problems during its last stint in WeHo -- at the House of Blues.

During a separate incident January 6 ahead of a TSOL show, a fight broke out at the Key Club and ended up on the street, where fans threw rocks and bottles at responding deputies. Sheriff's officials called out the cavalry, including LAPD and Beverly Hills police units.

They eventually suited up in riot gear ans swept the Sunset Strip clean, partly by using nasal-stinging pepper ball rounds.

On Saturday, WeHo News reports, arrestees included eight allegedly underage drinkers, three people suspected of being drunk in public two people who deputies said were actually drinking in public and one person who had a warrant.


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