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Justin Escalona
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Top Influencers: Justin Escalona

Justin Escalona (@justinescalona) is the founder and creator of lifestyle clothing brand 1340 Collective. Currently a senior film major at USC, Escalona started the streetwear clothing company out of his freshman dorm room, where he made $20,000 in his first week of business. Recently ranked at No. 2 on Yahoo Finance's list of Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2019 as Compared to Jeff Bezos, Escalona had developed his company on the basis of exclusivity. Currently releasing two collections a month, each available for just a week at a time, 1340 designs are never restocked once they have sold out. In order to even see the collection, a buyer needs an access code directly from Escalona or one of his associates to get into the website. (But don't worry, you might be able to get a code if you send an Instagram DM.)

In addition to his clothing line, Escalona has a popular YouTube channel with a large following (PlayTheGameFilms) and is on tour for his latest documentary, The Story of 1340 Collective.


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