FaZe Nikan
Jeffery Cleary

Top Influencers: FaZe Nikan

Nikan Nadim, better known by his internet name FaZe Nikan (@fazenikan), is a popular YouTuber and gamer. He got his start on YouTube when he was the graphic designer for the FaZe Clan, the most subscribed-to gaming team on YouTube, which started in 2010. Nadim started posting videos on his own channel in 2016, and shortly thereafter moved from New York to Los Angeles and branched out on his own.

Nadim's videos consist of funny stunts and pranks, as well as moments from the lives of himself and his roommates living in the FaZe House Hollywood. With nearly a million followers, his L.A.-based page has been picking up solid steam. As if that weren't enough, he also has an adorable French bulldog named Migo, who you can follow on Instagram @fazemigo.

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