Evan Eckenrode aka Dwarf MambaEXPAND
Evan Eckenrode aka Dwarf Mamba
Aubrey James

Top Influencers: Dwarf Mamba (Evan Eckenrode)

Evan Eckenrode, commonly known by his internet moniker Dwarf Mamba (@dwarfmamba), is a YouTuber and internet personality. Like many other popular YouTube personalities, he first became popular on Vine, where he started making videos on 2013. Eckenrode has dwarfism, and much of his content as well as his humor stems from his personal experience, including one of his best-known videos, the music video for his song "Dwarf Problems," which has nearly 23 million views.

Eckenrode's YouTube and Instagram videos provide a wide variety of humorous skits as well as an lens into his very active lifestyle, often showcasing him skateboarding and playing basketball and other sports. He regularly collaborates with Jake Paul. In addition to managing his large YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook followings, Eckenrode finds the time to Twitch stream his experiences playing video game Apex Legends. As if that weren't enough, you can also follow the Instagram of his adorable pitbull puppy, Rhea (@rheadapit).

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