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Dominic DeAngelis
Dominic DeAngelis

Top Influencers: Dominic DeAngelis

YouTuber Dominic DeAngelis (@weeknds) got his start in 2010. He's popular for the various series he has created including "Chatroulette Experience." He's also well-liked for a variety of skits, personal experience vlogs, reaction videos and Fortnite challenges.

In addition to his 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, DeAngelis keeps his fans apprised of his life via his Twitter page, where he shares his personal experiences and opinions to his 200,000 followers, as well as his Twitch page, where he livestreams his Fortnite games and communicates directly live with his fan base. DeAngelis' YouTube page says he simply loves making people smile, which may be why he is such a popular and influential figure on the web.

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