Cena Barhaghi reps his Pink Dolphin brand.EXPAND
Cena Barhaghi reps his Pink Dolphin brand.
Nathan James

Top Influencers: Cena Barhaghi

Cena Barhaghi (@lordwave) is the co-founder, chief creative director and designer of Pink Dolphin Clothing, a brand known for its bright hues and eye-catching designs. Barhaghi founded Pink Dolphin alongside hip-hop artist Young L in 2008, while he was still in high school. Starting out with just $400 in cash and a credit card, Barhaghi used his entrepreneurial skills and self-taught design abilities to grow the brand quickly, taking the business from his parents' garage to raking in $44,000 by its second year, and $20 million by 2012. Based solely on limited-edition designs (only pressed once to avoid brand saturation), Pink Dolphin has remained immensely popular for the past decade and has been worn by music artists including Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Mac Miller.

Barhaghi continues to be one of the players in cultivating and promoting fashion trends through his social media channels, making him one of the most influential people in Los Angeles fashion.

Cena BarhaghiEXPAND
Cena Barhaghi
Nathan James
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