King Bach
Andrew Bachelor

Top Influencers: Andrew Bachelor (King Bach)

Andrew Bachelor (@kingbach), better known by his internet alias King Bach, is an actor, comedian and internet personality. He was the most followed person on Vine, where his exaggerated King Bach character was born. He brought his Vine following to his YouTube channel (BachelorsPadTV), where he has 2 million–plus subscribers, and posts a large variety of comedic skits starring himself, including his popular series of movie trailer parodies. He also shares a lot of his comedy on his Instagram, which has nearly 18 million followers.

In addition to his internet success, Bachelor has been successful in his commercial acting career, including guest parts on shows like House of Lies and The Mindy Project, and a role in the Netflix film To All the Boys I Loved Before. He and his sister also began their own charity in 2003, called the RuJohn Foundation in honor of their grandparents; he serves as CEO. The mission of the foundation is to "provide the necessary tools for education to the rural and inner-city schools of the United States and Jamaica."

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