Ton of Marijuana Found After West Adams Traffic Stop in L.A. by Torrance Cops, They Say

A strange, one-ton pot post went down following a traffic stop in the West Adams District last week by Torrance cops with a drug-sniffing dog, police said late Wednesday.

It all started at Adams and Hauser boulevards Friday. The sequence of events is a bit confusing to us, but we're guessing that after a little weed was allegedly found during the initial stop search warrants were served leading to a bigger score.

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(Torrance PD confirms search warrants were served). In any case ...

... 2.648 pounds of cannabis were allegedly found and eight people were arrested, including, according to City News Service:

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-Gamalier Terrazas-Ruelas, 35, of Mexico;

-Jose Ayala, 28, of Mexico;

-Juan Carlos Ruelas, 26, of Mexico;

-Jimmy Escobedo, 24, of Alhambra;

-George Alberto Armas, 32, of Los Angeles;

-Juan Alberto Moyeda, 21, of Los Angeles;

-Eddie Escobedo, 27, of Los Angeles; and

-Stephanie Yolanda Salazar, 33, of Baldwin Park.

Now, what were Torrance cops doing so far from home?

They're not saying. But we'll take a wild guess and say they probably smelled this one from miles away.

-With reporting from City News Service. Got news? Email us. Follow us on Twitter, too: @dennisjromero.


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